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Flexible Pu Color Gas Pipe Hose/LPG Hose/pvc Hose Pipe

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Flexible Pu Color Gas Pipe Hose/LPG Hose/pvc Hose Pipe

Detailed introduction

Pu tube is a green and environment-friendly engergy-saving product(non-toxic,pollution-free,tasteless and harmless).



Wall thickness: 0.5~3mm

Outer Diameter: 2.5~50mm

Hardness: 80~98A or custom 

Tempereture: -50~+70℃

Color:transparent, blue, red, black or customzied


Packing: Green bubble bag and carton

Usage: electronics, petrochemical, coal, hipbuilding, aviation, war industry, automobile, pneumatic tools,engineering machinery manufacturing, printing, fishery, sports equipment, medical, and other industry.


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