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  • PE wear-resistant heat shrinkable tube

    Different types of heat shrinkable tube products solve many problems in the industry by using their own characteristics, so PE wear-resistant heat shrinkable tubes are widely used in many industries....
    Release time:2019-08-02   Click times:94

  • FAQ for heat shrink tubing

    FAQ for heat shrink tubing...
    Release time:2019-07-31   Click times:120

  • Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Electric Power Exhibition ended successf

    This Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Electric Power Exhibition is the first international exhibition of our company's history. It has played an important role in the expansion of Suzhou Feibo's heat and cold shrinkable products to the Vietnamese market....
    Release time:2019-07-26   Click times:78

  • 1kv cold shrinkable insulation tube

    1kv cold shrinkable insulation tube is the insulation tube inside the 1kv cold shrinkable cable terminal. The number of each set is the same. ...
    Release time:2019-07-24   Click times:139

  • Introducing heat shrinkable cable accessories

    Here we will come to introduce cross-linked heat shrinkable cable accessories, which is a new type of material. It has better electrical performance, smaller size, better quality and easier installation than other cable accessories. ...
    Release time:2019-07-17   Click times:177

  • How to buy high quality double wall heat shrink tubing

    So how to buy high quality double wall heat shrink tubing? Softness, surface smoothness, partial wall rate, rubber layer quality, etc. should be considered comprehensively before purchasing a double-wall heat-shrinkable tube with glue....
    Release time:2019-07-12   Click times:139

  • Heat shrink tubing distributors

    Heat shrink tubing distributors are naturally companies or individuals that cooperating with manufacturers....
    Release time:2019-07-10   Click times:106

  • Method of making cold shrink cable terminal

    Today we are going to talk about the method of making cold shrink cable terminal....
    Release time:2019-07-03   Click times:161

  • Introduction to cold shrink tubing

    The introduction to the cold shrink tubing is roughly the same, please feel free to add. If you are interested in the cold shrink tubing and have the intention to purchase, you can tell our sales staff the specific parameters and requirement...
    Release time:2019-06-28   Click times:126

  • Outdoor heat shrink cable terminal

    Outdoor heat shrink cable terminal, understood literally, is the heat shrink cable terminal for use in the external environment....
    Release time:2019-06-26   Click times:113

  • Heat shrinkable tube for battery

    There are two types of heat shrinkable tubes for battery: PE heat shrinkable tube and PVC heat shrinkable tube. Let me tell you about the features and advantages of these two heat shrinkable tubes for battery....
    Release time:2019-06-21   Click times:189

  • Single wall heat shrink tubing

    Single wall heat shrink tubing, actually it is an ordinary heat shrink tubing, also it is the heat shrink tubing that we often use....
    Release time:2019-06-19   Click times:203

  • Analysis of the causes of cable damp

    Over time, the cable will break down and the aging speed of the cable will be accelerated. Today I will tell you about the analysis of the causes of cable damp....
    Release time:2019-06-14   Click times:193

  • The quality of heat shrink tubing

    As the production-oriented company, we are a manufacturer with industry experience over 10 years, the quality of heat shrink tubing is a key factor....
    Release time:2019-06-12   Click times:127

  • Heat shrinkable stress tube

    What is the heat shrinkable stress tube? From the appearance, it looks like a small black tube. ...
    Release time:2019-06-05   Click times:200

  • How to classify cable accessories

    Today we will talk about how to classify cable accessories....
    Release time:2019-05-31   Click times:205

  • Issues in the installation of heat shrinkable cable accessor

    Issues in the installation of heat shrinkable cable accessories...
    Release time:2019-05-29   Click times:84

  • Waterproof heat shrinkable tube

    Many people will ask, “Is the heat-shrinkable tube waterproof?” Because some working environments are required to be waterproof, everyone is concerned about this issue. Suzhou Feibo has a waterproof heat shrinkable tube product, so today...
    Release time:2019-05-24   Click times:199

  • Special busbar box

    Special busbar box means that its shape is somewhat different from the conventionally busbar box....
    Release time:2019-05-22   Click times:58

  • Cable accessories and cable heads

    Through these years of sales communication experience, we found that many of the friends have some confusion about the concept of cable accessories and cable heads, often confusing the two. Today I will give you a good introduction to cable ...
    Release time:2019-05-17   Click times:138

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