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Non-slip heat shrink tube

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Non-slip heat shrink tube

Release date:2020-04-08 author:admin Click:

Non-slip heat shrink tube, also known as patterned heat shrink tube, belongs to the heat shrink tube product series, which is slightly different from our common tube.
First of all, from the appearance, the first thing we can see is the color, whether it is the non-slip heat shrink tube or the conventional heat shrink tube. The same thing is that both have rich colors for customers to choose from. Not the same, also there are differences. Although non-slip heat shrink tube belongs to the type of heat shrink tube, made of cross-linked polyolefin material, anti-slip and beautiful are its main functions, which can be applied in many different fields, including fishing gear, sports equipment, tool products, daily necessities, kitchen utensil handles, etc., both beautiful and practical, compared with conventional heat shrink tube, although there are differences, they have the same features, fast shrink speed, stable physical properties, simple and convenient use, and the same shrink ratio of 2: 1.
Softness is our first experience when we get the non-slip heat shrink tube. The reason why it is called non-slip heat shrink tube is naturally because it has the function of anti-slip. Some customers will ask, do conventional heat shrink tube not have this function? Conventional heat shrink tube has a wide surface after shrinking, but for the heat shrink tube itself is the rubber-plastic product, it has a certain degree of anti-skid performance, but this is not the main function of the tube. More friends are choosing for its insulation protection effect. After shrinking, it will fit well to the outside of the quilt object and prolong the use time of the inner quilt object.
There is also the product feature of non-slip heat shrink tube, which is beautiful decoration. For example, we have all seen badminton rackets. On the handle of the racket, you can see the non-slip heat shrink tube. When playing, you can increase your hands and the friction of the handle is also beautiful in appearance.

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