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Production of heat shrink products

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Production of heat shrink products

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Customers of Suzhou Feibo may know that the production of heat shrink products has occupied most of the sales since the establishment of our company. Different manufacturers may have different production focus, Suzhou Feibo, is a set of heat and cold shrinkable products as one of the manufacturers, which are our main products, just said that our production occupies a relatively high proportion.
Suzhou Feibo is the production manufacturers of heat and cold shrinkable products, if the customer come to visit our factory, you can see two areas for the production of heat and cold shrinkable products, for the following introduction.
To introduce the production of heat shrink products, firstly we need to introduce several processes. Whether heat shrink tube, or other heat shrink series products, the production process is the same, granulation, extrusion, irradiation, expansion and finally the packaging, each step is indispensable. Entering the factory, you can see the factory has been divided into different areas, for the production process, different regions need to play different roles, such as granulation, processed materials will be required to produce the plastic particles, hard to avoid can dust or others during the process, and for the corresponding environmental protection call for, we will arrange the granulation area in one side, and pay attention to the health during the production. For another example, the packaging workshop, which will be close to the outside to facilitate the timely delivery of the final products to the warehouse, and timely delivery to customers in need.
Production of heat shrink products requires strict control over product quality, and each step may have an impact on product quality, which is why we often emphasize the importance of production. At present, production of heat shrink products is stable and circulate well. For the products required by the general market, the warehouse is stocked with a large quantity. If the customer needs, the order can be sent to the sales staff, who will arrange the shipment as soon as possible according to the actual situation. If the products are different from the regular ones and need special customization, the specific price, delivery time and other factors will be informed to our customers after the evaluation by sales staffs.

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