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Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing

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Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing

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Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing is a service we provide to our customers to meet the requirements of different customers for the length of heat-shrinkable tube.
Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing is mainly aimed at customers, which need to cut the heat-shrinkable tube to a certain length, so as to facilitate customers to use and improve work efficiency.
If the customer does not have special requirements aboout the Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing, we are sold of full rolls. Normally, the diameter of 25mm heat shrinkable tube is 25m/coil, which is acceptable to most customers. However, due to the different use of heat shrinkable tube, some customers have special requirements on the length.
Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubingwe use a computerized pipe cutter. For example, according to the customer's requirement, the diameter of 25mm heat-shrinkable tube should be cut into one piece of 1 meter, then we will cut each piece of 1 meter according to the customer's requirement.As for the length of the Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing, except 1 meter, other lengths are also ok, which can be set according to the actual requirements of customers
For the Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing,due to the high labor cost, ordinary factories do not accept customization, but we suzhou feibo is a company that puts customers first, and the Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing pipe is a convenient value-added service we provide to customers
In addition to the Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing, we will try our best to meet other requirements within our ability

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