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Low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube

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Low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube

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Low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube is the common matching insulation tube in low-voltage heat shrink terminal kits, which are also called colorful tube in our industry.
We have seen low-voltage heat shrink terminal kits. It consists of insulation tube and heat shrink finger sleeve. The number of heat shrink insulation tube inside the terminal kit and the number of cores of the finger sleeves are the same as the number of branches of the cable. From single core to five cores, and the colors of low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube include red, green, yellow, blue and black. Except for the five-core heat shrink terminal kit, which are determined to be constant, others can be freely matched according to their own needs. If customers do not specify, we are assembled in accordance with conventional colors.
If it is the low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube, it is as colorful as we mentioned above. However, if it is the high-voltage heat shrink insulation tube, the color is not so rich. 10kv and 35kv heat shrink terminal kits are reddish brown, which is similar to the color of the high-voltage red heat shrink tube.
In addition to the color of low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube, customers are also concerned about the length. Generally speaking, the length of low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube is 600mm per root, which is also a common length on the market. Although there are many manufacturers engaged in the production of insulation tube, the length on the market is basically the same, which is easier to control. Instead, different manufacturers have different production ratios, so the color may be different.
In addition to the existing length of low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube, customers may also have other requirements. Among our customer groups, there are several customers who need low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube with the length of one meter.
Here, the point we want to mention is that for low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube, there are two types: conventional and customized. If conventional products cannot satisfy customers, we can provide customers with customized services, including length, color, etc.

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