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Pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve

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Pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve

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Pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of connection fittings made of polyethylene sheet heat-sealed with high-quality hot melt after radiation cross-linking. Due to its memory shrinkage during the gas flame baking process, a heat shrinkable band can form a PE pipe. This kind of molten hot-melt adhesive medium layer, and the hot melt and PE material have an incomparable affinity between other materials. After cooling, the sealing effect at the joint is quite satisfactory, so it is widely used in plastic pipes and large-diameter hollow walls. Spiral pipe, steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe, double wall corrugated pipe joint.
At present, the pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve is the joint material for HDPE plastic drainage management of various diameters below 1000㎜. HDPE plastic drainage pipe is becoming an ideal substitute for traditional drainage pipe joints such as concrete drainage pipes and cast iron drainage pipes due to its light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, environmental protection, good joint sealing, convenient and fast construction, etc. HDPE plastic drainage pipes widely used in municipal drainage projects include: double-wall corrugated pipes, double-wall wound pipes, spiral wound corrugated pipes, metal reinforced spiral wound corrugated pipes, etc. With the heavy use of HDPE plastic drainage pipes, the connection between pipes and pipes has become increasingly prominent. The reliability and tightness of joints have become the primary issues in the application of this product.
The HDPE plastic drainage pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve produced by our company has strong adaptability in size, high mechanical strength, excellent sealing performance, easy and fast installation, and has become the pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve of various HDPE plastic drainage management pipes with a diameter of less than 1000㎜. Joint material.
Features of pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve:
1. High mechanical strength and strong penetration resistance. There is a layer of reinforcing fiber web in the heat shrinkable substrate, so it has high mechanical strength and penetration resistance, and can effectively resist various impacts during backfilling without damage protection. Floor.
2. The cutting does not expand. After the heat-shrinkable substrate is cut, it does not expand during heating and shrinking, which can greatly reduce tearing during installation and improve the success rate of installation.
3. Excellent bonding performance. The hot melt adhesive of this product has high bonding strength, which can meet the bonding strength required by the oil and gas industry standard SY / T0413-2002. It has excellent adhesion to the PE protective sleeve and interface sleeve of the prefabricated insulation pipe, which effectively prevents external moisture, air, and bacteria from invading the interface, prolongs the life of the insulation material, makes the insulation effect permanent, and prevents the working steel pipe from corrosion .
4. The construction is simple, convenient, fast and reliable. It only needs to be heated with a liquefied gas heating torch.
5. All materials are non-toxic and non-corrosive, and no pollutants or waste are generated during installation, which meets environmental protection requirements.
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