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Bus terminal box

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Bus terminal box

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Bus terminal box is made of polyolefin material, which is what we usually call a heat shrinkable tube, and then shaped by a mold. It is a good electrical insulation, waterproof and sealed safety protection products. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, adaptability to the environment, fast and long service life. It is divided into three voltage levels, namely 1KV, 10KV and 35KV; there are four types of busbar joints, "L" is L-shaped combination, "T" is T-shaped combination, and "I" is I-shaped combination. "X" is an X-shaped combination; it has three combinations of busbars, "11" single busbar and busbar combination, "12" single busbar and double busbar combination, "22" double busbar and double Busbar combination; 1KV Bus terminal box has six colors, red yellow green blue black and white, 10KV and 35KV color only red, green and yellow.

Bus terminal box is mainly used for the insulation protection of the electrical equipment conductor connection of electrical equipment, as well as the insulation protection of special parts such as high and low voltage switchgear, circuit breaker and busbar connection. Currently widely used in electronics, communications, machinery and manufacturing.

Here's how it works: In the first step, the heat-shrinkable tube of the busbar is placed on the copper row, and then the heat is shrunk. In the second step, the two copper bars are fixed by screws. The third step is to prepare the Bus terminal box of the corresponding specification. Put the Bus terminal box on the copper bar that needs protection. In the final step, fix the Bus terminal box and completely wrap the copper bar parts that need protection. In the process of making it, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the Bus terminal box corresponding to the busbar heat shrinkable tube and the copper busbar exposed to the air to prevent accidents.

The Bus terminal box has three functions. First, it can prevent short-circuit accidents caused by foreign objects lap joints and animal crawling; Second, prevent human body electric shock, pollution and condensation from happening; Third, reduce the corrosion of conductive materials by air and harmful gases, and prolong the service life of electrical equipment. .


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