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Cable cold shrink tube

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Cable cold shrink tube

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Today we are going to talk about the cable cold shrink tube. As the name suggests, cable cold shrink tube is a cold shrink insulation tube used on cables.
Cable cold shrink tube is generally made according to the cable. Next, let’s talk about the model specifications of the cable cold shrink tube. According to the withstand voltage level, the cable cold shrink tube of SuzhouFeibo can be divided into 1kv, 10kv, 35kv cold-shrink insulation tubes.
The applicable square of 1kv cold shrinkable insulation tube can be divided into 0#10-16mm²、1#25-50mm²、2#70-120mm²、3#150-240mm²、4#300-400mm².
The applicable square of 10kv cold shrinkable insulation tube can be divided into 1#25-50mm²、2#70-120mm²、3#150-240mm²、4#300-400mm².
The applicable square of 35kv cold shrinkable insulation tube can be divided into 1#50-95mm²、2#120-185mm²、3#240-300mm².
It can be seen from the above that the cable cold shrink tubes of different withstand voltage levels have different squares. The above mentioned the applicable square of the cable cold shrink tube, then we will talk about the material and advantages of the cable cold shrink tube.
The cable cold shrink tube of SuzhouFeibo is made of silicone rubber. Because of its special production process, the cable cold shrink tube has absolute advantages in construction operation.
The first advantage is the use of liquid silicone rubber for injection molding in the factory, which is widely used in the terminal treatment of cables. The second advantage is that there is no need for hot fire and special tools. In operation, it is only necessary to gently extract the white plastic support strip, cable cold shrink tube will rely on its own elastic retraction to adhere to the cable to complete the installation. The third advantage is that cable cold shrink tube uses imported liquid silicone rubber, which can effectively ensure excellent insulation and high elasticity. The fourth advantage is that the installation method is simple, the technical dependence of the operation is low, and it is also convenient for the construction personnel to grasp. The fifth advantage is that cable cold shrink tube has the characteristics of anti-fouling, anti-aging, good water repellency, etc., and also has excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and UV resistance, and can be used for a long time and has stable performance.

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