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Cold shrinkable cable accessories

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Cold shrinkable cable accessories

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Cold shrinkable cable accessories have the advantages of small size, convenient operation, no special tools required, wide application range and few product specifications. It does not need to be heated by fire, and after installation, it will not move or bend like heat shrink cable accessories and with tight force. Compared with prefabricated cable accessories, although they rely on the elastic pressing force to ensure the internal interface characteristics, it does not correspond to the cable section one-to-one and has more specifications than prefabricated cable accessories.
For on-site installation, these pre-expanded parts are sleeved on the treated cable ends or joints, and the internally supported plastic spiral strips are pulled out and the cable accessories constituted by pressing on the cable insulation. Because it relies on the elastic retraction force at room temperature, instead of using tools to shrink the heat shrinkable cable accessories, commonly called cold shrinkable cable accessories
Cold shrinkable stress control tubes are commonly used, with voltage levels from 10kv to 35kv. Cold shrinkable cable joints, 1kv voltage use cold shrinkable insulation tubes for reinforced insulation, and 10kv voltage use cold shrinkable insulation parts with internal and external semi-conductive shields. Cold shrinkable branch sleeves are used at the bifurcations of the three-core cable terminal kits.
It must be pointed out that before installation on the cable, the components of the prefabricated cable accessory are tension-free, while cold shrinkable cable accessories are under high tension, it must be ensured that the cold shrinkable components should not be stored during storage without obvious permanent deformation or elastic stress relaxation. Otherwise, sufficient elastic compression force cannot be guaranteed after installation on the cable, and good interface characteristics cannot be guaranteed too.

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