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cold shrink terminal

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cold shrink terminal

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What is a cold shrink terminal head? The cold shrink terminal head is formed by vulcanizing the silicone rubber material of the elastic body, and then it is expanded and then lined with a plastic rotating support bar. When it is used, the support bar can be automatically retracted and retracted without heating. Easy to use, it is called cold shrink terminal head.

Compared with the heat shrinkable terminal, the cold shrinking method of the cold shrink terminal head eliminates the trouble of the heat shrinking method and the unsafe factors of the use environment. The cold shrink terminal head is generally used outdoors or buried directly underground, so its material, quality and performance are particularly important.

The reason why the cold shrink terminal head uses the elastic silicone rubber is because the "elasticity" of the material can avoid the thermal expansion and contraction of the cable caused by the atmospheric environment and the load level during cable operation. In general, the cold shrinkable terminal head has a good seal. Although the price is relatively expensive compared to the heat shrinkable terminal, its construction is more convenient. In the era of artificial inflation, the cold shrinkable cable accessories are much easier to construct. Construction crews prefer to use cold shrink attachments.

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