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Red heat shrink tube

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Red heat shrink tube

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Today, we continue to deepen our customers' understanding of heat shrink tube from the perspective of heat shrink tube color. There are many colors for heat shrink tube, which are divided into colorful and black one. Red heat shrink tube is one of them.
Before introducing the relevant contents of red heat shrink tube, something need to mention here is that different heat shrink tube manufacturers have different pricing strategies, for example, like our Suzhou Feibo, whether the red heat shrink tube, or other colors, of course, this refers to the heat shrink tube color of conventional stock, with the same price, the customer can determine the required color when ordering, you can arrange the loading goods. If it is a special color customization, combined with the analysis of the specific situation, customers can consult our sales staff, the sales staff will inform the customer price after understanding the relevant situation, the price is subject to the actual quotation by sales staffs.
Red heat shrink tube, one of the five colors of red, green, yellow, blue and black, is bright and beautiful, and is popular among the market and consumers. When it comes to red heat shrink tube, we have to mention the voltage level. High-pressure red heat shrink tube and low-pressure red heat shrink tube. It is not for the same color, also the voltage level is different. There are also obvious differences in color. For the low-pressure red heat shrink tube, the color is more vivid, many customers recognize this color, and some customers cooperate with us because they think the color is good. High-pressure red heat shrink tube is lighter in color. It is the reddish-brown or rust-red color that we often say. This is for the voltage levels are different, the production materials and the distribution ratio are different, even if the same color masterbatch is used. Granulation, the interaction of internal molecules, will bring different product colors.

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