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Advantages and disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessorie

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Advantages and disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessorie

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Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessories.
Let us talk about the advantages of cold shrink cable accessories first. 
1. It is well known that heat shrink cable accessories need to be heated by fire, and when they are bent or moved, it need to cool down completely; Cold shrink cable accessories not only do not need to be heated by fire, but the cold shrink cable accessories rely on the elastic pressing force, and there is no danger of the inner layers of the accessories detaching due to bending and movement.
2. Cold shrink cable accessories do not require fire or special tools, and do not require open flames or heating during installation process. It is convenient, time-saving, and labor-saving. Simply pull the core inside out and the elastomer will quickly shrink and tighten to the required installation site.
3. It has good anti-fouling, anti-aging, and water-repellent migration properties, and has good cold resistance. It is suitable for high altitude, cold, humid, salt fog and heavily polluted areas and so on.
4. Sealant glues the connection parts to achieve overall sealing, preventing and avoiding operating accidents caused by atmospheric environment.
Next we will talk about the disadvantages of cold shrink cable accessories.
1. Due to an additional expansion process in the production process and the need for expansion and contraction characteristics, the cost of cold shrink cable accessories maybe a little higher.
2. The storage period is short, usually for one year. Because cold shrink cable accessories are pre-expanded, the internal support bar may be scattered or the silicone material may not be fatigued and shrunk when it is stored for a long time .
3. The installation process of the cold shrink cable accessories must be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions, and the order cannot be changed, otherwise air bubbles are prone to occur during the shrink process, the requirements for the installation workers are higher. According to the current market trend, cold shrink cable accessories have been recognized and accepted by more and more customers, becoming more and more popular.

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