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Heat shrink tube with glue

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Heat shrink tube with glue

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Heat shrink tube with glue means that the inner wall of our heat shrink tube is provided with a layer of glue. This is not applied later. In the production process, the process of bringing the glue is completed. When the customer receives, can be carefully observed, in the inner wall of the tube, in fact, it can be seen that a thin layer of transparent layer, is also a feature that ordinary heat shrink tube not have.
Heat shrink tube with glue, we can also call it waterproof heat shrink tube, double wall tube, etc. Some customers are not familiar with it, also not clear with the product features, other names maybe more familiar. For the same product, including different product names, actually referring to the same product.
Heat shrink tube with glue, the reason why it can be called waterproof heat shrink tube, is also related to the inner wall with glue of this product. After finishing the production process, the final product is glued. It is the inner wall of the whole heat shrink tube with glue. Also, after heating, the glue melts to ensure the sealing effect.
Heat shrink tube with glue, the same as ordinary heat shrink tube, using the packaging method of paper tray and paper ring. Different specifications correspond to different meters. If the customer has specific requirements for quantity, we can also pack according to customer's meter requirement. In terms of color, the color of the heat shrink tube with glue is not pure black as some customers think. Black is common in the market with high market demand. In addition to black, it also includes a variety of colors, the same as ordinary heat shrink tube, including red, green, yellow and blue.
Customers can choose according to their own needs and situation.

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