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Low voltage cable terminal

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Low voltage cable terminal

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Low voltage cable terminal, referring to 0.6/1kv we often mention. The low voltage cable terminal is made of two materials, low voltage heat and cold shrinkable cable terminal.
Low voltage cable terminal for heat shrinkable one. Low voltage heat shrinkable cable terminal has five kinds of specifications: single core to five cores. Generally, four cores and five cores are commonly used. Single core low voltage cable terminal for heat shrinkable just for one heat shrinkable insulation tube, and the other are composed of a finger sleeve and insulation tube. The color of the finger sleeve is black, and the color of insulation tube is red, green, yellow, blue and black, the five colors can be arbitrarily assigned.
Low voltage cable terminal for cold shrinkable, which is basically the same as the low voltage cable terminal for heat shrinkable. There are also five kinds of specifications: single core to five cores. Commonly using three cores, four cores and five cores. The color of the low voltage cable terminal for cold shrinkable is gray, and the color of the cold shrinkable insulation tube is colorful and gray. Its model size is: 0# for 10-16 square, 1# for 25-50 square, 2# for 70-120 square, 3# for 150-240 square, 4# for 300-400 square.
Whether the low voltage cable terminal for heat or cold shrinkable, it is not divided indoors and outdoors. Although their model specifications are roughly the same, their materials and using methods are completely different. The material of heat shrinkable low voltage cable terminal is mainly made of PE, EVA, polyolefin, etc., and needs to be heated by heating tools to tightly wrapped on the quilt cable to achieve the insulation protection of the cable; The material of the cold shrinkable low voltage cable terminal is made of silicone rubber. It does not need heating when it is used, and does not need other auxiliary tools. 

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