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The OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo

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The OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo

Release date:2019-03-08 author:admin Click:

Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. dispatched two sales personnel to visit Liushi City, Zhejiang Province last week to visit customers. The main content of this visit is to negotiate the OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo according to the requirements of customers.
The manufacturers heat shrinkable tube are numerous in Liuzhou and the competition is fierce. Therefore, some of the far-flung bosses in Liushi choose to find other manufacturers to OEM in order to ensure that their company can survive and develop in the market. Because Liushi has too many peers and vicious competition among manufacturers, the prices in the market are very low, but the number of orders is relatively large. This has to find a large-scale factory OEM production, and we just meet, so many companies will choose
the OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo.
The customers who visited this time chose
the OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo before, but they recently wanted to launch another brand. Since 2018, our company has greatly expanded its production scale, rented a new workshop of more than 2,000 square meters as a warehouse, and purchased many advanced production equipments. The production efficiency and reserve inventory capacity have been greatly improved. It is for these reasons that they chose us again.
Our products are widely sold all over the world. Although we sell the products of the “Suzhou Feibo” brand ourselves, at the same time our company provides
the OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo to more than 10 companies. It can be seen that the quality of our heat shrinkable tubes and cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories is trustworthy. Welcome everyone to choose the OEM service production of Suzhou Feibo!

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