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Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo

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Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo

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The weather is hot in summer and is prone to fire. We often hear about a nearby factory building on fire. In fact, manufacturers in small places like ours have a lot of safety risks. But with the relevant department regulation and inspection, the fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo is becoming more and more perfect.

Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo——Reconstruction of parking area
Because most employees live within three kilometers of the company, they basically go to work by electric bike. Employees' electric bikes were parked in an empty area of the workshop. However, according to the relevant regulations, employees' electric vehicles and other means of transportation are strictly prohibited from parking in the factory building. So we built two new sheds outside the factory for employees to park.

Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo——Prohibit charging the electric appliances in the case of no one
Many people used to charge their electric bikes after coming to work in the morning. Sometimes they forget to unplug and the electric bike recharges all day. In fact, electric bike long-term charging is a great security hazard. The chargers can easily cause a fire. And there are no guards around. There are many flammable objects in the workshop. In the event of a fire, the consequences can be imagined.

Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo——Establishment of a liability system
If someone breaks the rules, we have a system of severe punishment for this. Each department will have a leader. The team leader shall be responsible for supervising the staff of the department. If anyone is found to be in violation of company regulations, the party concerned shall be fined 100 yuan, and the leader shall be fined 50 yuan.

Fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo——Timely replacement of fire extinguishers
If you come to Suzhou Feibo, you will know that every distance in our workshop will be equipped with fire equipment. And our company will change fire extinguishers in time.
fire prevention work of Suzhou Feibo will be more perfect to ensure the safety of staff!

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