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Feibo brand

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Feibo brand

Release date:2018-12-17 author:admin Click:

Today, we will talk the theme of “Feibo Brand” to let us know more about Suzhou Feibo.
Feibo brand, said our brand of Suzhou Feibo, the brand name is also in line with our company name - Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd. In the industry, there are many well-known brands, such as WORE, CYG, 3M, etc., which are familiar and can be thought of as a brand we can think of. Feibo brand, although not as well-known as these industry leaders, but in the sales process, we gradually found that more and more customers will specify to buy Feibo brand products, In the past, we will receive orders that customers need to specify the heat shrink tubing produced by WORE, and now we also have customers to specify the heat shrink tubing of Feibo brand, which is a big improvement for us.
Today, we met a customer who needs to buy heat shrink tubing. Before that, no matter which way the customer purchased our heat shrink tubing of Feibo brand, the purchase again indicated that our heat shrink tubing has been recognized by customers. At the beginning, it is difficult to sell products. The reason is that we don't know or never heard Feibo brand. After 10 years, with the accumulation of time, we have a stable customer source and more. People recognize Suzhou Feibo, and even now customers have specified to purchase Feibo brand. As a self-owned brand, it is an important link for customers to be recognized by customers, which is also a big part of reward for us.
In the subsequent development process, we will continue to adhere to the established development strategy, build the Feibo brand, and let more people recognize the Feibo brand. Our goal is to continue to follow the steps of the leader in the industry.

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