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Suzhou Feibo improves work efficiency

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Suzhou Feibo improves work efficiency

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In order to speed up the development and can be among the forefront enterprises in the hot and cold-shrinking industry, Suzhou Feibo has made several meetings and discussions, and has made adjustments to the production, sales, management and other departments to promote the efficiency. Below I mainly talk about how Suzhou Feibo improves work efficiency in terms of production and sales.

Suzhou Feibo improves work efficiency——one, production equipment
Customers who are concerned about Suzhou Feibo know that in the previous period, our company separated the warehouse and leased a large workshop as a new warehouse for our factory. The movement of stocks is to provide space for the increase of production equipment, and the increase of production equipment will definitely increase the production capacity of the factory. Therefore, our new warehouse has more than 2,000 square meters and is divided into upper and lower layers, which provides guarantee for mass production in the future. Our company's increased production equipment is not the old equipment like the original, but the advanced equipment without glycerin expansion machine. At present, five machines are already in transit, and it is believed that the production capacity will more than double.

Suzhou Feibo improves work efficiency——two, departmental planning
Previously, because the company was small and understaffed, there was only one sales department in nominal terms. However, the sales department not only receives customers, places purchase orders, goes to the warehouse to check inventory, but also is responsible for the operation of online stores and the optimization and update of the website. This situation is rather messy and busy. Now we will subdivide the sales department into the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Network Optimization Department and the customer service order department, and also the logistics department is now classified as the sales department. This will improve internal communication and digestion capabilities and accelerate the speed of Suzhou Feibo's work efficiency.
Work efficiency is the foundation of enterprise development and is one of the decisive factors for the company's development speed. In order to ensure the efficiency of our company, we will continue to absorb advanced talents to enhance the vitality of the company. If you are interested in our company, please call us for details.

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