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Suzhou Feibo's export trade

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Suzhou Feibo's export trade

Release date:2018-11-28 author:admin Click:

Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company was formally established in 2010 and built near the beautiful ancient town group. Although it has not been ten years since then, the boss and some employees of Suzhou Feibo have been in the industry for several years, and some have been more than ten years. Because of our rich experience, Suzhou Feibo has developed rapidly and has received support and trust from many places in a short period of time. In 2018, we intend to create the Suzhou Feibo's export trade business.
In January of this year, we solved the primary problem of
Suzhou Feibo's export trade——getting the right to import and export. For this piece of paper, we visited many places in a month. Because the development of Suzhou Feibo's export trade is a decision we have made based on the development of these years and the statistical data. We didn’t think we could sell the heat and cold shrinkable products abroad before. So we first changed the business scope above the business license, so that we are qualified to handle import and export rights.
We have opened up overseas markets through an e-commerce platform and slowly developed the
Suzhou Feibo's export trade. Fortunately, we got the first foreign trade order within a month. After communicating with the Ukrainian customer, we knew that he was a former customer and wanted to change suppliers. Upon learning of this news, our company paid more attention to this exporting foreign trade order of Suzhou Feibo. At last, we gave our customers a satisfactory impression at an affordable price and early delivery.
Although our managers and employees have not been exposed to foreign trade before. But after the previous practice of the order, we are familiar with the general process of export, and then we are getting more and more smooth. Less than half a year, like the heat shrinkable tube, which is only a few cents,
Suzhou Feibo's export trade sales have reached tens of thousands of dollars.
Because there are some differences between the foreign market and the domestic market, in order to do a good job, our company has also purchased a number of new machines. We believe that the
Suzhou Feibo's export trade will be getting better and better in the future!

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