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The packaging of cable accessories

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The packaging of cable accessories

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Whether it is a heat shrinkable tube or a cold&heat shrinkable terminal joint and an intermediate joint, it is a plastic product produced by a series of production processes of polyolefin material. Therefore, the product's own ability to resist damage is not very good, so the packaging of cable accessories is extremely important!
Regarding the packaging of cable accessories for heat shrinkable tube, we have mentioned it before. The heat shrinkable tube of the diameter φ25 or less is always wound with a paper tray, and the specifications of φ25 and above are wound around the paper loop. After the heat shrinkable tube is wound up, we will also cover several layers of PVC film on the surface. This is in order to prevent the surface of the heat shrinkable tube from being scratched and scratched, it is also possible to prevent the entangled heat shrinkable tube from loosening during transportation.
Let’s talk about the packaging of cable accessories in the middle of the terminal. This kind of cold and heat shrinkable cable accessory products are sold in sets, including insulating tubes, finger sleeves, sealing tubes, sheath tubes, tools for installation and so on. The low-voltage cable accessory houses the various components in a slim, transparent plastic bag. The high-voltage cable accessory is a transparent bag for each component and then all of them are assembled together. Finally, the whole set of products will be packed in the box of Suzhou Feibo, and then put into a large carton. The picture below shows the packing box of our cable accessories.
 the packaging of cable accessories
After the carton has been sealed, it will inevitably lead to some damage to the packaging of cable accessory after the goods arrive at the destination due to the bad weather conditions such as the handling of the logistics personnel or heavy rain. We hope that customers could understand more and if the packaging of cable accessory is seriously damaged, you can contact us in time.

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