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Suzhou Feibo New Warehouse

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Suzhou Feibo New Warehouse

Release date:2018-11-15 author:admin Click:

As I said before, this year our company will expand its scale and lease a new workshop. Finally, the new workshop was fully completed and ready for use in early June. Because this new workshop has a certain distance from the other two original workshops of our company. Regarding the specific arrangements of this workshop, our company has held several meetings and discussions. In the end, we decided to use this workshop as a Suzhou Feibo new warehouse.
Why did this workshop become a
Suzhou Feibo new warehouse instead of a production base? The reasons are as follows:
First, it will disrupt the production process. The manufacture of heat shrink tube is complicated and consists of multiple steps. Granulation—extrusion—irradiation—expansion—printing—cutting tube—winding—packaging. These are the main processes and there are many other ancillary jobs. If the new workshop is to be produced, which specific production process does it take? This is a problem.
Second, it will increase production costs. Regardless of which production process is arranged in the new workshop, the transportation costs of semi-finished products or raw materials will increase due to the distance between the workshop and the workshop.
Third, it will reduce production efficiency. If you always ship things in and out, it will definitely affect production efficiency.
Fourth, it is not conducive to integrated management. If the new workshop is to be produced, it will definitely take some production staff to go there, and it may be necessary to mobilize individual managers. In this case, there will be no timely communication between the departments, and management will not be supervised.
In summary, the new workshop will become the
Suzhou Feibo new warehouse. Only when it becomes a warehouse will it not affect production. And to some extent, the establishment of Suzhou Feibo new warehouse can also be better managed.

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